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For most, cleaning is not a subject that generates creative excitement. While there’s a world of cleaning insights to discover, most are happy to spray, vacuum and wipe their way through the basics and move on with their lives. But, design – now that’s something we can talk about. The home is a never-exhausted canvas for individual expression, practical improvement and family identity. It’s something we create daily, weekly, monthly. We see glimpses of our ethos reflected in things around us, things in nature, things in stores, things on Pinterest. And they inspire us to keep whittling away at our version of the perfect space, making our place prettier and more inviting.

But We don’t always have to accumulate more to get closer to that ideal.

There are simple tricks we can employ to maximize the liveability of a room without breaking the bank.

Here are five ways that windows can immediately improve a home and send you on your way to living your best home life:

1.Bigger is better

Windows open up a space and create the illusion of a larger space. They fool the eye into perceiving a more spacious interior. Who doesn’t want a bigger space, especially one that comes without the actual added square footage to dust and mop? Keep windows visible and clean to capitalize on their inherent benefits.

2.Playing dress up

Sometimes we feel bold, sometimes we feel basic. Pantone colour of the year got ya feeling Ultraviolet? No problem, out with the old, in with new. Curtains are an easy, non-committal way to experiment with trends and try something different.

3. Change of scenery

Don’t get us wrong, we love wall art. Even great family photos. But there’s something special about framing the great outdoors. Peeking out to see the trees, squirrels and neighbourhood street hockey game keeps us grounded and connected to the streets we live on. Open the blinds (and stop walking around naked).

4. One with nature

Speaking of the great outdoors – turns out we kind of need to see it. Even if our view is the brick building next door. Natural light has a mood-boosting effect and improves sleep patterns. Also Important- you can OPEN windows. The natural breeze and improved ventilation has been found to promote a better nights rest and will make your home more comfortable and hospitable. What could be better.

5. All of the light

Windows let the light in. Brighter interiors are warmer, feel bigger and ultimately, just more pleasant than cold, closed-in spaces. Light is such a powerful design force that it can affect morale, productivity and even decisions. Embrace your windowed spaces, use mirrors to catch, amplify and project the luminosity throughout your home. It needs to be said –  just let your light shine.

Who wants to scroll Pinterest for cleaning hacks when you can plot a room makeover instead? These tips got me inspired to shop for some curtain innovation.

I’m thinking navy and millennial pink since a recent inspiring stay at an air bnb in prince Edward County.

Stay tuned for a roundup of some faves!

Happy window shopping!

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