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Neighbourhood spotlight: Yorkville

Magnus works in some of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto. Getting to know businesses and home owners across the city has grown our love for the diversity of Toronto and the sense of community that makes it great. Each neighbourhood has a distinct personality, culture and citizenship. This keeps our work dynamic and helps us

Coffee By Toronto For Toronto 

A significant perk of owning a local business is the opportunity it can afford you to interact with the community you serve. Even better, it helps you appreciate in a very personal way the value and impact supporting local small businesses can have for individuals and neighbourhoods in general. On a typical day our company

A Home-owners guide to spring cleaning

While I have not joined the gang of my friends and acquaintances who have subscribed to the Marie Kondo discipline of tidiness and cabinet nirvana, I recently read something she said that did resonate: our home is one of the few spaces in life that we have complete control over, aesthetically and otherwise. Our office,